Optimizing user flow for

Enhancing the resort booking experience.

Club Mahindra enlisted our expertise to assess and revamp their resort booking journey. Recognizing the potential for enhancement, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign initiative. Despite the existing product's sizable user base, we opted to approach the project as if it were a new release, ensuring thoroughness and innovation. Through a blend of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, we delved deep into user insights. In my capacity as project lead, my focus was on refining interactions to deliver an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Quick Summary


Gathered insights on user behaviors and preferences.

Aligned project objectives with Club Mahindra's team.

Led UI/UX design process, focusing on interactions.

Ensured inclusivity in design for all users.


Kewal Haria, Ishita Sarkar, Nameera, Aakshay Daria and Me


Web app

Mobile first design


Director of UX

Designers x 5

Product Team Club Mahindra

The Product

Club Mahindra Holidays is an Indian Hospitality company founded in 1996. It is a part of the Mahindra Group and provides holidays on a timeshare basis. Mahindra Holiday & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL) is a part of the Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group. Vacation ownership is its key offering and “Club Mahindra” is its flagship brand. MHRIL offers family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships for over a period of 25/10 years.Club Mahindra Holidays is one of the largest Time Share holiday businesses in India.It have over one lakh eighty thousand customers and more than 40 resorts spread across the country.

The core proposition of Club Mahindra:

high quality non-urban scenic locations large apartments where the entire family can stay together in a safe/secure environment, and enjoy well crafted experience

The Problem

Despite Club Mahindra's established presence and a large user base, the existing resort booking journey fails to prioritize user needs and deliver a seamless experience. Users encounter challenges in navigating the booking process, accessing relevant information, and completing transactions efficiently. This deficiency in user-centric design contributes to diminished user satisfaction and may impede Club Mahindra's efforts to attract and retain customers in a competitive market. Addressing these shortcomings is essential to enhance user satisfaction, drive engagement, and ultimately support Club Mahindra's growth trajectory.

The process

What we learned

Listing few of the pain points that I discovered from all the research and ideation

Findings from Heuristic Evaluation


The audit of the journeys indicate that the members are not deeply inspired to explore new destinations due to the restrictive nature of the experience.


Search can have various starting points and it depends on whether the customer has something in mind or not.


Members often search for popular locations that get booked out faster

Member expectations based on other platforms


Search is wide and starts with different options


Search is grouped as per user preferences


Users can check for availability on demand and browse accordingly


Post booking experience is customised


Visitors are habituated with this booking experience


The Design

In crafting Club Mahindra's visual and interaction design, we embraced the diversity of its products and approaches by employing a multi-layered color palette. This approach not only adhered to the brand guidelines but also honored the brand's focus and tradition. In interaction design, we introduced subtle tweaks and dynamic elements to add gamification, enhancing user engagement. By streamlining the user journey, we ensured a linear and intuitive experience throughout.


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